Change Cadet.

Cadet is a French term that means soldier and it happens to be the last name of our founder. Let's face it, at times it's an uphill battle for women and people of color to achieve success in the workplace.  Change Cadet prepares soldiers of change to overcome these continuous battles in the workforce so there can be more opportunities for women and people of color. With 15+ years of experience working in various organizations, with both private and public sector companies, and collaborating with everyone from staff members to leaders, we provide the skills and motivation to empower people in their careers.  

Change Cadet consulting offers a broad array of services including executive coaching, strategic planning, innovation, and diversity facilitation. Services are available for individuals or for companies. So if you want to re-examine your career path, strengthen your organization, connect with underserved communities, implement cultural change, or find ways to determine successful career pathways for women and people of color, contact us

Explore. Evolve. Change Cadet.